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Philo offers 4 key areas of expertise that can be accessed individually or in any combination. No two Philo clients have the same service mix and our expectation is that the tailoring of our services means this will continue to hold true. Philo’s 4 service lines are:

Portfolio Construction And Asset Allocation

Portfolio Construction and Asset Allocation

At the core of Philo’s portfolio construction services is the belief that markets are inefficient and can remain over or undervalued for significant periods of time. In addition, we are of the view that modern portfolio theory does not adequately deal with the real world risks faced by investors. Accordingly, our portfolio construction approach has the following features:

  1. We measure and address real world risks to investors:
    • The risk of running out of money
    • The risk of capital being eroded by inflation
    • The risk of not meeting objectives
  2. Asset allocation is active, reviewed quarterly, using wide ranges
  3. We have developed sophisticated market valuation models that provide clear valuation signals and market return outlooks and which greatly assist us to monetise market valuation calls.
  4. We provide a range of asset allocation models across the risk spectrum and support the quarterly reviews with very detailed papers that set out past performance, outlook scenarios and probabilities. They also include the rationale for change, target exposures for each portfolio and sub asset class investment recommendations that pick up how best to respond to prevailing market conditions when choosing sub asset class themes.

By helping investors to understand why their portfolio is structured a certain way and the range of potential volatility and return outcomes, we seek to achieve a “no surprises” relationship which makes investors more resilient in the face of adversity and which provides a more robust basis to assess whether a client’s goals can be reliably met. Please contact us if you would like to arrange a detailed presentation of Philo’s approach to market valuation, risk measurement and asset allocation.


Managed Accounts

We currently administer approximately $3 billion of end investor funds in managed accounts and this number continues to grow rapidly as more practitioners warm to the benefits of managed accounts. Philo uses proprietary managed accounts software that has been developed from over 15 years of experience. Our managed accounts team is also very experienced in the operational demands of managed discretionary accounts. We administer both retail and wholesale portfolios, with the vast majority of accounts being multi asset class portfolios.


Using managed accounts is for many practitioners and investors a superior way to manage a portfolio. Managed accounts free up significant amounts of staff time through removing the need for administration that adds little real value. This time saving can be used to provide more meaningful services to end investors or can be directed to marketing activities. Relative to traditional non discretionary methods of portfolio administration managed accounts also lead to better investment outcomes over time through reduction of implementation leakage and potential reduction in execution costs, without meaningful loss of portfolio flexibility.

Implementation Support and Consulting

The relevance of Philo’s consulting services to client firms varies enormously, depending on the nature of the service provided. For some clients, the need is non existent or minimal due to scope of service being narrow and / or them having adequate internal resources to meet their needs. For others introduction of Philo services has coincided with material changes to one or more aspects of their business and Philo has been heavily involved in helping to scope, design and implement those changes so as to ensure maximum value is delivered. The key message here is that while Philo is a firm of investment professionals, we have real world commercial experience running financial services companies that can be of great benefit in integrating our services into your businesses. The nature of the support we can provide will vary based on the type of firm you are, but can include:

  • Development of investment process or analysis tailored to your company’s needs
  • Assistance with tailoring existing Philo services to meet the particular needs of your business
  • Development of policy frameworks for portfolio construction
  • Training of staff on relevant investment concepts and how to present and apply them
  • Assistance with capturing and communicating your firm’s value proposition
  • Development of pricing models and training of staff in their use
  • Provision of ongoing investor communications and presenting at client seminars
  • Business case development for introduction of Philo services to your business


Consulting from Philo is the best way to ensure you obtain maximum benefit from Philo’s portfolio construction and management services. Our experience is that the effort that goes into customisation, internal communication and training is handsomely repaid by the operational benefits it delivers. This effort includes listening carefully to staff suggestions and concerns and making changes to services and implementation where appropriate. Our experience in communicating to shareholders and end investors can also assist with ensuring that all stakeholders have a clear eyed view of the reason for change and the benefits that are expected.

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Investment Selection And Blending

Investment Selection and Blending

Philo offers well structured portfolios that have been developed with rigour by well credentialed and experienced portfolio managers.

Philo manages over $4bn of listed security portfolios, fund of fund portfolios and term deposit portfolios for clients. In a number of asset classes Philo offers passive investment options in listed and unlisted form.

The senior managers running this aspect of the business have substantial portfolio management experience, gained offshore as well as in Australia. All portfolios are reviewed by our Approved Investments Committee. For larger client firms, Philo can run portfolios to a specific mandate.

Importantly, the portfolios that Philo runs at asset class and sub asset class level are designed to work as part of an integrated framework. This means they are available for use both on and off the managed accounts service and they integrate well with our asset allocation services. Some portfolios are available in local and foreign currency versions. We provide descriptions suitable for inclusion in statements of advice as well as specific policy around their use and regular monitoring reports where necessary.


Philo’s approach suits managed fund investors as well as those who prefer direct use of listed securities. Our approach is such that clients not only receive high quality investment portfolios, they also receive communication and supporting services that make the portfolios easier to explain and end investor relationships easier to service.

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